Intro Courses

Intro Courses

We Offer Several Introductory Courses To Help You Protect Yourself!

Congratulations on your decision to take control of your safety! This is a big step for many people, as many people in our culture think that they can’t protect themselves. I have great news for you, everyone is capable of protecting themselves! It’s part of your natural instinct. We’re going to show you how to wake it up and cultivate it into an ongoing lifestyle!

 Fearless: 101 & 102 Becoming Fearless And Learning Mental Strengthening.

SDU-fearlessFearless is the psychological power to overcome limitation, in your two 90 minute Fearless 101 & 102 you will learn how to harness these skills. Though basic defense training is part of this seminar, it’s main focus is to cover more of the psychological aspects of defense. This course, though less physically demanding than other intro courses, will require you step outside of your comfort zone in order to ultimately get you past permission issues that are common among those who are untrained. Not only will this course help you understand how crucial mental conditioning is in a threatening situation, but it will show you how to apply confidence and power to your everyday life.


In your Impact Course you will learn how to weaponize your body as a dynamic instrument to protect yourself and those you love against a violent street assault. Though psychological aspects of defense are present in this course, emphasis is placed heavily on your ability to survive a high risk, high threat environment. As such, this class is physically demanding, and as with all courses done at Shockwave Defense, you should consult with a physician prior to training.


In this amazing course we will show you how to protect yourself using your environment. You will learn how to shave off years of training by leveraging the effectiveness of your environment. Whether on planes, trains, automobiles, or just walking down the street, you can protect yourself with ease if you know the keys to leveraging your environment.

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