Abductions & Child Safety

Abductions & Child Safety

Assisting in preventing abductions:

According to the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children over 800,000 children in the US are reported missing each year. Over 200,000 of those are familiar abductions, also known as, “family related abductions”. There are over 747,000 registered sex offenders in the US, with over 100,000 missing or non-compliant to the rules set by the courts for them to follow.

So What Now?

Parents one of the first things that you can do to help prevent abductions in your community and with your kids, is to help your children understand that not all people are good.

1. There Is Good & There Is Bad On Earth: We think and act a certain way. We have morals and they vary but most people believe in the protection of the innocent, and doing well to other human beings. Intrinsically we know that we would never kill an innocent child. However not everybody thinks likes us. There are the “Children of Darkness,” that walk among us. They reside in darkness and are willing to harm the innocent. They will kill children and rape them, they will murder and kill women without hesitation and not have second thought about it. You can’t identify them by their looks but by their actions. They dress just like us, comb their hair just like us, and walk and talk amongst us. We must train our children and ourselves to rise up against this evil. To not tolerate it, and how to deal with it.

2. Adults Don’t Need A Childs Help: This is a hard teaching, because predators prey on our children’s desire to be needed and helpful. Think about it. What do we say to our children to make them feel important when they get underfoot? “Hey babe, you wanna help mom in the kitchen!” With passion your child yells, “yes!!” Because they feel the craving to be needed and appreciated. Pedophiles and predators know this. It is imperative to teach your children that adults don’t need their help. When mommy and daddy ask, it’s different because we are your parents. Explain to your kids that If an adults ask, “hey can you help me find my dog, or my cat,” to run and get an adult? This is an indicator that something is wrong and “you need to come get me immediately or another adult that you know!”

3. It’s Ok To Hurt Peoples Feelings When It Comes To Your Safety: Children are naive, and in their innocence they have a tendency to allow people to act with them in ways they never should. We do this as adults as well, we put ourselves at risk just to simply try and keep from hurting someone’s feelings. This follows us into adulthood, especially with women. Train your kids now that no one has the right to hurt them, or touch them, in anyway that makes them feel uncomfortable.

4. Family Meetings: In order to keep a business successful we meet to measure, monitor, and modify behaviors that are unhealthy for our businesses, and to encourage behaviors that are healthy. So why is it that we don’t regularly meet with our family members to do the same things. It’s imperative to discuss current events that can effect our families, and how we are going to respond to those events if we are faced with that event. Create Family

5. Code Words: Parents are so busy running their lives that they often run late to pick up their children. So let’s start off with something simple. Tell your children DO NOT GET IN THE CAR WITH ANYONE!!! The only time they can is if they know the family code word. Change this word periodically so that it can’t fall into the wrong hands. Make sure to cover this in your family meetings. Even as a single parent this practice should be exercised on a regular basis.

6. Test & Exercise Your Plan: Speaking of exercise, why do schools practice fire drills? Why do we practice safety drills in Law Enforcement. To help paint a picture of why this is important we will use our academy’s training approach as an example. At Shockwave Defense LLC we have ways of testing our techniques to make sure that they work in real time and in combat prior to engaging in combat, or being attacked. Why? I’m glad you asked. A better question is why wouldn’t you? Would you want to wait until you get attacked to see if you’ve trained works in real time? No! You want to know BEFORE you get attacked! If we don’t test it, you don’t know if it works. So why would you have a conversation with your family about a family safety plan without actually testing it? Without seeing if you kids will listen to you, and not get in the car with a stranger. This one is very important! Number 6 is perhaps the most important item on this entire sheet.

7. Community Involvement: I recently watched a study being done in NY. In this study a man had a young assistant about 12 years old helping him, to test peoples response to a kidnapping. He would pull her by the arm down the street at different times of the day, and she would scream you’re not my dad let me go, help! Help! To our disappointment, but to our expectations people would just walk on by. A few stopped to look but they feared the possibility of conflict and so they hesitantly walk on by. Only a few “would be thugs,” actually stopped to help. Have we have become so politically correct that we’re willing to allow our children, the opportunity of tomorrow, to be destroyed because we fear human conflict? So what do I do you ask? Easy. Anything is better than nothing. Say something, grab ahold of the child and refuse to them go until the police arrive. If it turns into a fight, so be it, prepare for that day so you can save that child’s life. “What if I get in trouble with the police?” Good question, two answers. 1. Who cares you saved a child’s life. Are you willing to allow a child to die, get raped, etc so you don’t get in trouble? 2. When police arrive they aren’t going to fault you for getting involved in a scenario where child is yelling “help you aren’t my parent, let me go!” You did the best you could with the knowledge that you had at hand.

Abstract Summation:

There are 3 things essential to keeping our children safe.

  1. Parent Involvement
  2. Child Awareness
  3. Community Involvement

You know this already but I’m going to say it again. Remember your children are your responsibility. Even if it’s not your fault, it’s still your consequence. Discipline them today to be better people for tomorrow. Train them to look identify evil, and to exercise discernment for themselves between right, and wrong. To fervently train their eyes to see what they have that can be of use to protect themselves in their environment, and at that moment how to respond mentally. We must teach our children to think, not just be educated. How many educated people have you met with no common sense? For our families and our children to survive we must not only focus on education, but the lost art of common sense.