About Us

We understand the threat of being too busy, it’s a real thing! Everyone agrees that you must master self-discipline to have the power to protect what you love most, but it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that self-discipline means taking control of our time and how we use it. To succumb to the feeling of being too busy is a threat to all of our power!

This is just one of the vulnerabilities our facility can help you to overcome.
Think about it, what will you be capable of when you become the master of your time instead of being overwhelmed by your schedule? What other aspects of your life might be blocking you from accessing your true power? We all struggle with something that holds us back.

To first face our internal threats is what gives us the power to protect what we love from external threats. What if you could learn how to effectively do both in a short amount of time?

If you’ve suffered, even once, in the last two weeks from self-doubt, feeling overwhelmed, or the feeling of inadequacy, watch our webinar that will show you how to see defense and protection differently, and show you how to reclaim your power over your two most valuable assets – Time, and Energy!

I can only offer a few of these opportunities each week, so it’s first come first serve!

Here’s a link to our free webinar: Click Here

Starting the arts at the age of 2, Master Michael C. Johnson continues to grow his knowledge and career in defense and protection.

– His hobbies include snow boarding, full contact stick fighting, high speed sports, traveling, operating high speed vehicles, and spending time with his daughters.

Additional mindset training will benefit each student in: 

1. Overcoming fears of inadequacy & self doubt
2. Increased confidence & genuine self respect
3. More decisiveness with less hesitation
4. Knowledge on how to avoid conflict and knowing what to do if it’s unavoidable
5. Having a community of like minded support. 
6. Awakening your true leadership potential & doing more with your time on this earth.