What Is Shockwave Defense™?

In short, Shockwave Defense™ combines life saving combative fighting approaches with practical life philosophies. Shockwave Defense™ offers a hybrid defense approach to violent assaults, mental strengthening, and an awareness for every day life. This deliberate act of combining a powerful mental state with simplistic & direct defensive skills for surviving carjackings, home invasions, attacks with knives, sticks, & guns, has not only been street and battle tested by Army Rangers, & other operators, but is also a great means for getting in shape.

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For those unfamiliar with the term “Defensive Tactics” it can be difficult to understand the difference between traditional martial arts, mixed martial arts, and those using tactics for operational purposes. Below are features of Shockwave Defense™ Approach.

What We Are:

Shockwave Defense™ is a unique training solution that encourages individuals to enhance their lives through personal empowerment, while teaching them how to survive threatening situtaions such car jackings, home invasions, and attacks with weapons. Shockwave Defense™ trains individuals in the Law Enforcement community, Special Forces & Tactics, as well as the civilian sector (Must be able to pass our background check). Since 1994 our company and its ability to teach clean, effective defensive tactics has grown, both in technology and resources.

This growth has allowed us to provide our students with the top training experience and knowledge available. There are several aspects that aid a facility in producing top quality students and Shockwave Defense™ possesses all of them.

1. Superior Tactics
2. Superior Psychological Conditioning
3. Superior Trainers
4. Superior Training Facility