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In a litigant society we find it necessary to have any and all guest sign a liability waiver. By signing in you will hold Shockwave DefenseTM LLC, its officers, agents, employees, instructors, &/or students harmless of any and all liability while on our premise. If you accept responsibility for your own personal safety you are welcome to stay and visit our facility. If you are unwilling to sign in accordance with this agreement you must leave the facility immediately. In addition, you represent that you are in good physical condition, not suffering from any heart, lung or other bodily aliment, & is in all respects physically fit to engage in self-defense activities, including but not limited to demonstrations, classes etc. You also admit that you have no communicable diseases that can be transferred to other students and/or instructors or staff. In recognition of the possibility of accident, injury, or death connected with self-defense training, student waives any right or cause of action of any kind arising as the result of such activity from which any liability may or could accrue to the school, its officers, agents, employees, instructors, &/or students. If you are uncertain of any of these terms please ask to speak with an instructor and they will explain in detail to you the parameters of this agreement.

Thank You For Your Cooperation Team Shockwave DefenseTM LLC

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