Get your Concealed Carry License at Shockwave Defense

Get your Concealed Carry License at Shockwave Defense

he New Mexico Concealed Carry License:

The Shockwave Defense Tactical Concealed Carry Course meets & exceeds NM state regulations of the NM Concealed Carry Act 2003/2005. After students successfully complete our TCCW firearms course students will receive their certificates of completion. This certificate will allow students to complete their NM State Permit application requirements.

Class Includes, but Is Not Limited To:

1. Weapons Handling, Safety, and Firearms Basics
2. Fighting To a Concealed Weapon
3. The Use Of Cover & Concealment
4. Engagement: Firearm Retention & Disarmament
5. Dealing With, & Clearing Malfunctions
6. Alternative Means Of Tactical Engagement
7. Warrior Mindset: Surviving Deadly Force Encounters

New Mexico Concealed Carry Process Will Include:

1. Two fingerprint cards (This is typically done on Saturdays following training)
2. You must have a certified copy of birth certificate or/your original birth certificate.
3. A copy of your certificate of firearms training.
4. Copy of New Mexico Driver’s License or identification Card.
5. Fill out application (Typically done in class Saturday after training).
6. Get your medical information notarized.
7. Pass shoot Qualifications
8. Take all paperwork to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and pay NM application fee.
9. Wait 30-90 days from the day you turn in your paper work to DPS to receive your paperwork in the mail.



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