Dog Brothers New Mexico

Dog Brothers New Mexico

Ajarn Arlans Influence on Shockwave Defense LLC.

I introduced to Arlan by one of my instructors in Lameco Felix Valencia. When I first met Arlan (Salty Dog) Sanford I wasn’t what sure what to think. He looked kind of like Yoda getting ready to fight in Star Wars. Carefully limping over to the bag and then showing me that the force was with him. So here’s the story of how we started fighting with Dog Brothers.

Here he was, this unsuspecting kind looking man that is always laughing, loves life, and is non-violent.  I was skeptical to say the least. I figured, “I’ll watch this guy move and see if it all looks the same as what I’m familiar with.” At the time was using some standard run of the mill training sticks that I had always used, Arlan brought down these huge Krabi Krabong sticks used in the Thai Martial Arts that I had never seen or heard of. As I stood waiting to see how he moves, he just kept laughing and talking about some of fights, and his training under Edgar Sulite. Finally Arlan instructed me to take a stick and hit the bag as hard as I could. Pretty confident I walked over to the bag and hit the bag as hard as I could. Arlan laughed as he typically does, then stood up from the bench he was sitting on. He took one of his massive sticks from off the bench and walked over to the bag. He smiled and looked at the bag, he and nailed that bag so hard I could hear it in the I-beams resonating throughout the entire building. The bag shook almost as thought someone had just punched it. I’m pretty sure my mouth dropped open, I just starred. “Do that again,” I said, and he did with, the same devastating power as the first. I decided that day that this was my new instructor in how to fight with sticks. I started out my journey waiting to see how this 58 year old fighter with over 700 full contact stick fights under his belt would move and strike. So how did he move? I’m glad you asked, that was the thing, he barely moved as I would later find that, that is his method for what’s comfortable to him. Within a week I was breaking 12-20 sticks every half hour. I realized that this was going to get very expensive very fast, so we asked Arlan where to get better quality sticks, Arlan turned me on to his stick designer Nick (Pappy Dog) Pappadakis. Will discuss purchasing and training with quality tools a little later. Arlan is simply amazing, we have to recognize him because he took our entire game and stick fighting and brought and element to it that is unparalleled. This is how we started Real Stick Fighting.

I encourage any students to share their experiences with Arlan, or Eric Knaus from the last gathering.