Awareness Avoidance & Tactics

Awareness Avoidance & Tactics

What Do I Get From The Defense Extra Lite Course?

Time Frame:

[1.5 Hours]

Difficulty Level Is (Measured 1-10: 1=Light Contact/Low Aggression & 10=Hard Contact/High Aggressive):

[Difficulty Level: 3-4]

Methods Of Instruction:

[Cognitive & Performance Skillsets Include: Mental strengthening, understanding conviction in conflict, with general topics in how to protect yourself and loved ones quickly and effectively in threatening situations such as; car jacking’s, home invasions, weapons attacks, and high risk hand to hand encounters.]


[Shockwave Defense Instructors]

Needed Materials:

[Bring a sweat towel, loose fitting clothing, mat shoes (such as wrestling shoes/sneakers that haven’t touched the ground outside), water, and any medication that you might need during a class.]

Come in and experience 2.5 hours of defense training.

Price $85.22

Spaces 18

Event Registration

Bookings are closed for this event. If you feel this is in error contact 505.718.4500 and let us know.