Divas With Dagger's

Divas With Dagger’s

6PM – 8PM August 29th, 2019

I’d like to welcome every woman from our community
to join us in our first ever, Divas With Dagger’s Women’s Only Event!
Like our sold out Gun’s And Roses Event, you’ll get a rose, chocolate, and other refreshments. You’ll learn:

We gave this event more time so you all don’t feel rushed. Keep in mind if you need to leave early, no problem!

*Safety In The Home Against A Home Invader

*Using A Knife To Protect Yourself While Jogging

*Using A Blade As An Equalizer Against Multiple Opponents

*Networking With Women

Cost includes Tax

Each attendee:

*Will Get A Rose
*Will Learn How To Protect Themselves With A Blade
*Access To Assorted Chocolates
*Opportunity to Purchase Your Own Trainer & Real Blade
*Access To The Instructors In Small Break Off Groups
(We will have refreshments and roses for every woman who attends.)

Event Registration

This ticket will include refreshments, training, a single rose, and activities! Price Shown Below Includes Tax