Divorce Night

Divorce Night

Breaking Up Without Breaking DownA Night To Restore Your Strength & Create Your Identity Through Defense

Learn how to protect yourself inside and out! This dynamic seminar will give you tools to protect your physical body as well as discipline your mind against common attacks that happen through a divorce.

Physical Topics Include But Are Not Limited Too: 

  • Basic Mobility Modules
  • Easy Striking Methods
  • Basic Ground Into Standing Tactics
  • Transition Training

Psychological Topics Include But Are Not Limited Too: 

  • Confidence & Controlling Internal Dialogue When Triggers Rise
  • Managing Your New Single Identity With The Warrior Way
  • Establishing Trusting Relationships
  • Avoiding Bitterness

Event Registration

Bookings are closed for this event. If you feel this is in error contact 505.718.4500 and let us know.