Quick Defense 8 Week Extended Firearms Training

 Quick Defense Night

Goals & Terminal Objectives
*Field Striping and Cleaning Your Firearm
*Malfunctions/Back On Target
*Muzzle Discipline/Target Discrimination
*Pieing Corners/Low Light Conditions
*Challenge ~ Scenario

*Time Frame: This is an 8 week course every Wednesday night starting August 7th-September 25th

*Difficulty Level: 6 on a Scale of 1-10

Methods Of Instruction:

[Cognitive And Performance Skillsets May Include But Are Not Limited To: Mental strengthening, understanding conviction in conflict, with general topics in how to protect yourself and loved ones quickly and effectively protect them in threatening situations such as; home invasions, weapons attacks, and high risk encounters.]

Instructor/s: [Shockwave Defense Instructors]


*8 Week Seminar

*Bring a Friend For 40% Off Original Cost

*2 Downloadable PDF’s

*Multiple Class Handouts

*Immediately Start Viewing Videos (2)

*Tier 1 – Tier 4 Access For 30 days

Immediately Start Training Online With Viewable Videos

*Full Spectrum Overview

*The Bow

*Everything’s Attitude

Needed Materials:
[Bring a sweat towel, loose fitting clothing, mat shoes (such as wrestling shoes/sneakers that haven’t touched the ground outside), water, and any medication that you might need during a class.]


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