Vital Edge LEO Knife Training

Vital Edge LEO Knife Training

Goals & Learning Objectives: This course was designed to train officer’s, how to deal with knives, and high risk environments, as it relates to discretionary thinking in understanding the totality of circumstance. After completion of this course the participant will be have a functional understanding of subject factors, and officer factors as they relate to responses in deadly force encounters, as well as the psychological, and physiological responses as they relate to the dynamics of discretionary options.


Performance Task: Upon completion of this course the end user will be able to:

  1. Transition between different tactical grips while engaging a threat.
  2. Execute multiple retention techniques.
  3. Hand to Knife, Knife to Hand, and Knife to Knife tactics.
  4. Transitions between tools of defense, and tactical standing, kneeling, and ground scenarios.


Cognitive Task:

  1. Mental Toughening.
  2. Understanding & Strengthening Compassion While Executing Defense.
  3. Leadership Demands & Expectations For Officers In Their Communities.

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Nov 10-11, 2014 LEO knife Flyer


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