Warrior Night

Warrior Night

Warrior Night:


It seems everybody uses the term “Warrior” in the title of their events these days. Well this dynamic 3.5 hour course offered by Shockwave Defense is unique, our trainers actually train you how to be Warrior. Not only are you taught how to think like a Warrior, fight like a Warrior, and train like a Warrior, but you are also taught to understand the Warriors culture in practical everyday living. Skills that are an essential to understanding how to keep going when the stress of life seems to high, or overwhelming.

Survival Objectives Include But Are Not Limited To:

–          Learning “What To Do” when facing a serious threat

o   Car jacking

o   Home invasion

o   Assault with a deadly weapon

–          Getting peak performance from your body

–          Increased confidence under stress

–          Being yourself without permission

Event Registration

Bookings are closed for this event. If you feel this is in error contact 505.718.4500 and let us know.

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