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Want The Power of Confidence, A Team You Can Rely On, With The Capability To Execute It?!

We Offer Several Introductory, Ongoing, & Seminar Courses To Help You Protect Yourself.

Congratulations on your decision to take control of your safety! This is a big step for many people, as many people in our culture think that they can’t protect themselves. I have great news for you, everyone is capable of protecting themselves! It’s part of your natural instinct. We’re going to show you how to wake it up and cultivate behavior into an ongoing lifestyle!

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The infamous question, “How much does it Cost!” Although that seems like a simple question we have multiple ongoing training programs, as well as specialty-seminars, one time rates, etc! We encourage every potential student to call and speak with a training coordinator in order to make sure our academy is the right fit for you. The quality of our instructors, instructional tools, the safety steps that we take, and the depth of investment we’ve made in our resources make Shockwave Defense™ an exclusive training facility. We’re excited to meet with you. 

To get specific pricing text the word “Pricing” (without quotes) to  505-437-4029. We’ll text you immediately and get you your starters kit, additionally we’ll email you at no cost, several defense videos, and educational PDF’s to download so you can get you started! You’ll be able to start learning your defense within minutes!

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