Firearms Training

Firearms Training

As a gun owner, you take carrying a gun seriously and know that there is no substitute for professional firearms training. Whether you are an experienced member of law enforcement or recently purchased your first firearm, Shockwave Defense provides firearms training classes that cover basic and advanced gun training.

Group & Private Firearms Training
Firearms training is critical to using your gun safely and effectively. Our courses include, but are not limited to:

Our instructors are committed to helping you develop cutting-edge defensive firearm skills, ranging from basic firearm safety and handling to defensive shooting  and advanced tactical weapons training. Material covered in our courses includes:

  • Shooting fundamentals and safe handling of weapons
  • Weapons retention and disarmament techniques
  • Fighting to your weapon (hand-to-weapon transitioning)
  • Verbal command presence and stages of escalation
  • Basic clearing, entry and exit techniques

Shockwave Defense is an academy of professional firearms instructors led by renowned self-defense instructor Michael Johnson. Michael has studied self-defense for more than 28 years and provides comprehensive self-defense strategies, including hand-to-hand combat training, women’s self-defense classes and specialty self-defense solutions.

Law Enforcement Firearms Training
Shockwave Defense is accredited to provide law enforcement training to local, state and federal agencies, as well as private security forces. Our defensive firearms and tactical weapons training courses include:

  • Police firearms training
  • Armed security guard training
  • Military firearms training
  • Hostage rescue team training
  • Joint terrorist task force training

Shockwave Defense is a licensed firearms training academy located in downtown Albuquerque, NM. Like our martial arts training, our gun and weapons training is multi-faceted, covering the psychological and social aspects of responsible gun ownership.

If you’re ready to change the way you see the world through defensive tactics that empower you physically and emotionally, contact us today.


For advanced firearms training contact Shockwave Defense at 505-718-4500 today.