Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Activate your inner warrior by training to use the most important weapon you’ll ever own, your body. From basic hand-to-hand combat skills to advanced techniques, Shockwave Defense gives you the skills you need to protect yourself in any life-threatening encounter.

Shockwave Defense provides the most knowledgeable and experienced self-defense classes. Whether you are a member of law enforcement or an individual simply wanting to protect yourself, self-defense instructor Michael Johnson instills the skills necessary to survive an attack.

A Great Krav Maga Alternative
The contact combat techniques taught at Shockwave Defense are an alternative to the defensive tactics used by Israeli special forces, known as Krav Maga. Like Krav Maga, the hand-to-hand combat classes at Shockwave Defense blend martial arts and military combat tactics to build your confidence in any encounter. Learning objectives include:

  • Striking fundamentals
  • Positions of advantage
  • Tactical hand-to-hand combat
  • Leveraging your environment
  • Weapons training

You’ll be taught hand-to-hand self-defense techniques by Michael and his experienced instructors. Michael has trained in defense for more than  28 years, and he now brings his unique Shockwave Defense system to private, group and women’s self-defense classes.

The Diverse Shockwave Defense System
The Shockwave Defense system principles are simple: shock, catch and finish your opponent with confidence and mastery. The Shockwave Defense System not only teaches the physical skills necessary to survive a dangerous encounter,it also changes your entire mentality from targeted victim to total empowerment.

Contact Our Self-Defense Academy
Shockwave Defense provides complete self-defense training. You’ll have access to weapons defense training, concealed carry certification and firearms training all under one roof at our defense academy. Contact us to learn how Shockwave Defense can help you activate your inner warrior.


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