Shockwave Defense

Shockwave Defense

No Experience Needed For Serious Self-Defense Training in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In real life, you never get to choose the bad guy or the bad situation. When you encounter a life-threatening situation, your defense lies in the training you’ve done up until that moment. Make sure you are prepared with serious self-defense training created by master instructor Michael Johnson, the founder of Shockwave Defense.

As a world-renowned self-defense trainer, Michael Johnson activates your inner warrior so you can protect yourself and your family with confidence. Michael comes from a legacy of defense trainers, including his dad who studied under the late incredible Bruce Lee.

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Join the University for Warriors

For more than 28 years, Michael has sharpened his combat skills to develop unrivaled defense solutions that show you how to survive dangerous encounters. At Shockwave Defense, you can:

The individual and group self-defense classes at Shockwave Defense teach you everything you need to empower yourself. Using self-defense tactics as the vehicle, Shockwave Defense teaches self-mastery over the spiritual, emotional, physical and financial world.

Specialized Law Enforcement Training

Shockwave Defense is a law enforcement training center that provides advanced defense tactical training to those in the federal, state, local government and law enforcement communities. Our law enforcement defense tactics enhance and supplement your mandatory training.

Self-Defense Classes in Albuquerque, NM

Join the academy for warriors at Shockwave Defense today. Start Training Today & join our Albuquerque self-defense academy and empower your entire life!

For serious self-defense classes in Albuquerque, NM contact Shockwave Defense at 505-554-3888 today.