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Price Is Per Couple:


You’ll learn the following things & More: – Safe Firearm Handling – Firearm Parts and Operation – Ammunition and Functionality -NM State Requirements & Reciprocities – Shooting Fundamentals and an Opportunity to Develop Them on the Range, Marker Shoot house & Gun Simulator -How To Select, Clean and Store a Firearm -A Multitude of Skills Set’s & Activities That Participants Can Train To Develop and Improve Their Shooting Skills

Additional Learning Objectives:

* Determining Shoot & No Shoot Scenarios
* The Use Of Cover & Concealment
* Engagement: Dealing With Conflict (Shoot house exercise)
* Feed-Fire & Functioning Your Firearm (Clearing Malfunctions)
* The Warrior Mindset: Surviving Deadly Force Encounters

Our New Mexico concealed carry course is one of a kind. Includes state mandates, safety, gun simulator training, shoot-house room clearing, drawing techniques and much more!