Professional Testimonials

Professional Testimonials

“Shockwave Defense is Awesome!” –Xzibit
Recording Artist/ MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” Host

“Michael Johnson of Shockwave Defense has trained me privately and in groups lessons for over ten years..He has physically and mentally prepared me to be a peace loving warrior, and has constantly found new techniques to even our odds against a seemingly limitless supply of people that live to threaten my family’s and my well being and property. He is a world class talent and instructor, and his skills and dedication to excellence are unparalleled anywhere. Thanks to Sifu Johnson, I live in peace.
Paul Gelb
President Enchantment Landscapes

“Albuquerque The Magazine recognizes that Michael Johnson, of Shockwave Defense, is a defense expert. We will be consulting Michael Johnson and using his expertise for a future story about self defense that we will print in our magazine.”
Lexi Peronis
Albuquerque The Magazine

I have been a student at Shockwave Defense for eighteen months. I am still a beginner, but I have already benefited enormously from Shockwave. Training at Shockwave is multifaceted: physical, psychological, emotional, and social. The program of instruction is extensive and difficult to summarize in a short letter. Aerobic exercises at the beginning of each class helped me lose weight, strengthen my core and limbs, increase my agility and stamina, and learn the limitation of my body. I have been exposed to a variety of fighting tactics, from basic kicks and punches to hand trapping and the use of weapons.
Master Johnson is a truly gifted instructor and fighter. He quickly perceives the limitations which each individual student must overcome in order to be successful. He also provides a seemingly unlimited repertoire of tactics for any given situation. All the instructor are very competent fighters and teachers, patient with beginners, supportive of the students, and able to make classes fun….I have grown as a person at Shockwave, and for that I am very grateful.”
Dr. Robert Harrison, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
University of New Mexico

“A realistic self-defense system that is applicable in my life and in my line of work. I find it to be effective against people that try to harm me. I’ve used it not only to submit people, but also to restrain them, it has given me endurance, and taught me how to use my mind in conjunction with my body. ”
(Jewel T. Johnston)
Operations Manager One Up Elevated Lounge 

“Sifu Michael Johnson provided me with a fitness and self-defense experience unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Within only a few sessions training with Sifu Johnson I felt dramatic changes in my body, my confidence and even my drive and motivation in other areas of my life. He is the kind of warrior you want on your side to help you to push through any ideas of personal limitation — he cleverly and powerfully guided me to release my own energy in ways that have had lasting benefits in many areas of my life, even showing me ways to turn emotions and responses I would otherwise have thought of as negative (such as fear and aggression) into resources that I can focus and use in appropriate ways instead of fighting against. I have been around the martial arts world a bit, but what Sifu Johnson offers is unique and he has the individual integrity and personal power to accomplish what others only talk about — truly accessing the highest ideal of the warrior spirit to overcome obstacles and negativity and threat so that we can all live a more peaceful and fulfilled life.”
(James Serendip)
ClinicalHypnotherapist, and Certified NLP Practitioner

“Although I have been with Master Johnson at Shockwave for a short time, I have already benefited significantly. Not only has my strength and endurance improved, so has my personal and self defense skills confidence. Master Johnson and his staff are very professional, highly trained and customize each private session to your capability and learning style so you get the most out of each training. I would recommend Shockwave to anyone, at any age and at any level of physical strength. Shockwave will teach you to be strong, mentally and physically, and prepared to protect yourself in any situation.”
Service Category: Personal Trainer Year first hired: 2010 Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity “A fantastic program”
(Kimberely Braithwaite) 

“I met Michael Johnson in a networking club over two years ago. My first and every subsequent impression of Michael was of a straight forward, honest, no-nonsense man who could teach you how to practically defend yourself in any crisis situation. I would recommend Michael without question or hesitation.”
(David Shelton)
Examiner / Regulator at State of New Mexico Financial Institutions Division

“I came to you and Shockwave primarily because I was tired of feeling vulnerable when I was alone…at first I found the classes to be very difficult and tiring. It took me days to recover from a class. But after a month you had pushed me hard enough that my stamina had built up to the point where I was looking forward to class and disappointed if I had to miss class for any reason.”
(Ema Tanigaki)

“Michael Johnson’s Shockwave Defense is a great place to learn. I had no previous experience and in a very short weekend he not only qualified me for my concealed carry but also showed me how to think on my feet. The course consisted of tactical firearms practice and you will learn to clear a room and shoot/ no shoot situations and how to not leave yourself open for attack. If you are concerned at all about your safety or the safety of your children you should take at least one of Michael’s courses.”
Service Category: Self Defense Training
Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
(Alexandria McClelland) 
Financial Adviser

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