Rental Opportunities

Rental Opportunities

Renting Solutions for Professionals In Motion:

Keep more money in your pockets without sacrificing your image! Our dynamic and easy to get to east downtown location is located 637 Broadway SE, just 5 minutes from the University and some of the finest restaurants in Albuquerque. Whether you are a yoga instructor, dance instructor, or an up and coming martial arts instructor, our facility makes it easy for you to hit the ground running, and build your student body. Keep more money in your pocket, and avoid enormous overhead, electric bills, water/utility bills and other operating expenses. Also included key-less entry, wifi, and multiple renting options that fit nearly any budget. You have access to a professional teaching facility all without having to go through the hard work of creating a tremendous amount of capital. Our facility has the technology to allow a front desk operator to answer incoming calls in your business’ name, and the ability to transfer calls or take a message. Certain packages are also available that can help you get started with your own professional 30 second commercial, business cards, and other tools and strategies to minimize liability and increase your professional image. Stop talking about teaching one day and start today.

Conference Room:

A spacious large conference room ideal for holding meetings and lectures, signing up clients or just relaxing after a long class. The mood of the conference room is enhanced with a calming 125 gallon fish tank, and a water fall on the other. The 8 person conference table has a discreet power supply, accessible from anywhere on the table and is ideal for laptops and other electronic devices. For the presenter, a director’s chair and a white board are among the many presentation options, including video conferencing. This room is climate controlled separately from the workout areas to maintain the most comfortable environment possible, with refrigerated air in the summer, coil heat for the winter and an adjustable ceiling fan. Another option available is the high end media with conference room, with dimmable lights to make the projector extremely easy to see. Whether you are using a DVD, TV, internet or power point presentation, the LED glow behind the projector screen creates a surreal atmosphere for your material.


Bathrooms include standard amenities, as well as an automated no-touch paper towel and soap dispensers. Showers include shampoo and conditioners; shavers and cream are available in the lobby.

Large & Small Multi-Use Workout Areas:

These vibrant workout areas are ideal for yoga, martial arts, Law Enforcement Training, Zumba, or any other The Instructors Edge activity. The work out floor space equipped with Swain mattes, multiple punching bags/Muay Thai kicking bags, and multiple BOB (Body Opponent Bags). There are lockers for students, benches, as well as other training accessories available for rent. Other features that enhance the workout experience, a crystal clear stereo system, wall mirrors, ceiling fans and separate refrigerated/Heating unit keep the room at optimal peak performance conditions, no matter what the exercise or calming activity you have in mind. Other features available are Dimmable lighting for when you need to use the other 2 additional projectors with TV, DVD, and internet capability, or video conferencing. Additionally we also have comfortable to wear wireless microphones, for hands free teaching. These and other modern features make it easy and efficient to hit the ground running. Literally start teaching today!

Exercise & Weight Area:

Equipped with everything you could think of to train your personal training sessions. This vibrantly colored room includes has mirrors, Kettle Bells, Free Weights, crystal clear stereo system, modern ceiling fans. Matted floors, lockers, Showers, and changing area, make this yet another way that Life The Instructors Edge lets you hit the ground running.

Home Safety Training House:

This large training house provides you as an instructor, with everything you need to teach a non live fire concealed carry course, home invasion safety, entry dynamics, or basic safety in the home. Cameras located inside the safety house feed into the conference room, allowing instructors to correct and modify mistakes made by teams or individuals while dealing with safety issue in the house. Stairs, multiple “fatal funnel” entry points and training scenarios available for the instructor who needs the reality environment to teach reality defense and safety issues.

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