Serious Self-Defense Training in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Serious Self-Defense Training in Albuquerque, New Mexico

For self-defense training that blends martial arts, firearms training and military defense tactics, choose Shockwave Defense, a unique defense system designed by renowned master instructor Michael Johnson.

The Shockwave Defense system encourages you to experience self-mastery over the spiritual, emotional, physical and financial world using defense tactics. Whether you are new to defense training or an experienced enthusiast, Michael and his team teach you the skills needed to survive any situation.

Group Self-Defense Classes
Group self-defense classes are open to adult men and women, as well as mature teens.  During your course, you’ll learn the Shockwave Defense system that features hand-to-hand combat techniques and basic & advanced weapons training.

Private Self-Defense Training
These one-on-one private sessions are an excellent way for beginners and experts to hone their defensive tactics. Beginners perfect basic self-defense strategies, while experienced students sharpen their skills with advanced self-defense solutions.

Women’s Self-Defense Classes
Learn basic and advanced self-defense techniques in women’s self-defense classes. Michael and his instructors empower you to protect yourself so you feel confident in your defense skills and prepared to protect yourself and your family in any situation.

Commercial Defense Training
Michael has trained clients ranging from CEOs to celebrities to protect themselves and their employees from an attack. Our corporate defense training may be taught in a formal setting, and we also provide corporate team building courses and strategic retreats. See our commercial and specialty services page for more information.

Law Enforcement Defense Training
The Shockwave Defense system is used by police, law enforcement, military, anti-terrorism and private armed security guard forces to enhance their mandatory training. We are accredited to provide law enforcement defense tactics and advanced tactical weapons training in Albuquerque.

Join the University for Warriors
How does Shockwave Defense enhance the lives of its students? We teach you how to master your life physically and emotionally in day-to-day situations using defensive strategies that work. Contact us to reach an instructor at our Albuquerque academy of self defense.


For serious self-defense training in Albuquerque, NM, contact Shockwave Defense at 505-554-3888 today.

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