Individual Services

Individual Services

Hand 2 Hand Training: 

With a background of over 28 years, a lineage of defense training connected straight to Bruce Lee, and numerous black-belts from various systems, Michael Johnson has created one of the most unique hand 2 hand systems around. Shockwave Defense is an intelligent approach to surviving an actual life-threatening encounter. Our courses offer its practitioners increased confidence while learning how to protect themselves against assailants. Students can go from zero to confidence in as little as two days! Learning objectives include, but are not limited to:

• Striking Fundamentals
• Positions of Advantage
• Tactical Implementation
• Leveraging Your Environment
• Weapons Usage, and more.

Firearms Training: 

Our many tactical firearms courses offer a wide range of skills that are needed to survive firearm encounters. Material covered includes, but is not limited to: Drawing to presentation, weapons retention and disarmament, understanding and clearing malfunctions, use of cover & concealment and much more. Additional Learning objectives include, but are not limited to the following:

• Weapons knowledge & safe handling of weapons
• Shooting Fundamentals
• Fighting to your weapon (Hand 2 Weapon Transitioning)
• Weapons Retention & Disarmament Techniques
• Verbal Command Presence and Stages of Escalation
• Basic Clearing & Entry, and Exit Techniques

Blade/Stick Training: 

Originally designed for military combatives, this version of edged weapons training is a crucial part of street survival tactics. Understanding the blade, blade injuries, and retention and disarmament are just a few of the many skills you will obtain while taking this amazing course. Learning objectives include, but are not limited to the following:

• Understanding edged weapons
• Understanding edged weapon injuries & basic field treatment
• Counter knife combatives: Utilizing equalizers to lessen risk of injury (quick elimination)
• Knife disarmament/retention

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