Shockwave Information

Shockwave Information

A few of the by-products of training at our unique facility are as follows:

1. New found comradery
2. Confidence to know what to do in high risk situations
3. Peak physical fitness
4. Personal empowerment

Whether you are a special unit operator or a member of society that recognizes that things aren’t getting any safer, this training is for you. At SDU we do not put price over quality, and as the common adage says, “you get what you pay for.” Most of Shockwave Defense’s Certifications are accredited through the State of New Mexico’s Department Of Public Safety.

Law Enforcement Officer/Corrections/Operator Training: 

Shockwaves Defensive tactics offer a unique approach on surviving deadly force encounters such as:

1. Fighting For Your Weapon:
2. Weapons Transitioning While In Deadly Force Encounters (utilizing radios,mace, or firearms, etc.)
3. Utilizing Deadly Force Hand 2 Hand tactics when there’s little or no room, little or no time to employ an equalizer/weapon, & your back-up is too far away.

Small Business & Civilian Training: 

Training at Shockwave Defense equips our small business clients with team communication, comradery, and overall increased morale. For more information and full overview of our small business benefits call 505.554.3888, and don’t miss another opportunity to strengthen your staff as a team!

For individuals, and small business, regardless of their defense background, they will learn the tools to survive threatening situations such as:

1. Carjackings
2. Home invasions
3. Muggings, & attacks with knives, sticks, & guns

Duel Benefits: 

Michael Johnson and his team of defense consultants provide a fun, & safe learning environment. This environment offers quick, & efficient, self defense, defensive tactics, and intervention techniques for commercial operations, individual’s, law enforcement, and military personal.
Some Immediate Benefits of training with Shockwave Defense Are As Follows:

1. Increased Confidence
2. Peak Physical Performance
3. Knowing What To Do In Dangerous Situations
4. Balance: Having a defense system that you can apply in all aspects of your living.


Why should you train at the same place as individuals have that are in the Secret Service, Hostage Rescue, Emergency Response Teams, and Joint Terrorism Task Force?

1. Be Ready: When you are responsible for your safety or the life of someone else, such as a small child, moments counts. You must know what to do, & fast. You don’t have the luxury of relying on someone else to protect you, and hope that they arrive in time.

2. Know What To Do: Defense training is like insurance, it’s better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it! Don’t be like most, & wait until after an attack to learn how to protect yourself.

3. Develop Your Own Style: The Shockwave Defense approach is geared & customized to match your body’s natural responses. This approach makes it easy to learn, and extremely useful in a very short amount of time.

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