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Urban Survival


The Urban Survival Praxis

Mental Strengthening | Attainable to All

~All obstacles in life originate as a challenge in the mind. Challenges exist because resistance exists.~

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Through modifying attitudes towards resistance, it’s possible to grow into a more powerful, determined individual. Persons possessing the ability to augment their mental strength are able to enjoy richer, fuller lives. How does one adapt their attitudes towards resistance? With mental fortitude. The inclination to viewing failure as only a tool for improvement, and keeping that tool sharp, permits mental empowerment. When you recondition yourself mentally, to achieve a higher caliber, the ultimate assets in life reveal themselves. These are the effects of mental strengthening. Welcome to the Shockwave Defense™ preliminary tract for mental strengthening. This course is designed for the everyday person, group of people, or business owner. Individuals that seek to elevate their lives, relationships, and professional performance to the next level. Life is exceptional at providing barriers to overcome. The Urban Survival Praxis arms participants with effective tools and strategies to overcome barriers intelligently, with conviction and a positive attitude. This course will teach you how to discipline your mind, develop “on-call” mental toughness, ready when you need it. Increase your confidence, your self assurance, and your sense of ownership over your own faculties.