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Born in Bakersfield, California, King moved to Albuquerque, NM shortly thereafter. Throughout his life he experienced resistance, violence, and exposure to the criminal element. Experiencing several deaths of those closest to him and having to fend for himself at a young age, he was inspired to take a different path. Exposure to these trials made him see evil first hand and he was able to utilize these dynamic experiences in life to project himself forward. Though his early years put him in compromising situations which exposed him to evil, he developed a mindset that drove him to Shockwave Defense™. Originally coming in to get a conceal carry license, he left with a lot more. The instructors immediately noticed his potential and started watching him carefully. His ability to overcome adversity and persevere caught Master Johnson’s eye and within 2 years he was invited into the prestigious Shockwave Defense™ Diliji Elite Instructor Program.


The skills sets he ascertained directly under Master Johnson and other lead instructors opened his mind. This new perspective on life renewed his outlook on the value of human life at all costs. He continues to progress and grow throughout his training at Shockwave Defense™. He has traveled domestically and abroad teaching with Master Johnson as his lead instructor and first-ever Black Belt in Bellicusology.

Certifications And Additional training: