Diliji Hybrid

Ready to kill the part of you that’s been preventing you from reaching your full potential?


Join the Diliji Immersive Experience (D.I.E.): Where you get access to exclusive in-person events, become part of our online community and receive virtual and in person coaching from Master Johnson and our top notch group of instructors.


It’s time to step up, or get left behind. 

Diliji Warrior Mindset Training

Get control of your mind so you can get out of your own way. Dive into a transformative journey to mental toughness where you’ll learn to dominate your thoughts and actions under the guidance of Master Johnson. Strap in for a mental overhaul that forges warriors, not whiners.

Who you’ve been is not who you are; it’s what you’ve done. Even if your circumstances are not your fault – it’s still your consequence. Take responsibility of your life! 

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