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This is a quick look behind the scenes of how Shockwave Defense™ will start to get you ready.

How Will This Training Positively Effect My Family & My Team?

The Shockwave Defense Team is excited to enter a collaboration with your team members & provide exceptional service in our beautiful city. Shockwave Defense™ is able to provide team building, team bonding and the community motivation that we all crave.

At Shockwave Defense™, we accomplish team growth by first learning the individual, and then helping them to learn each other. Our “Blind Spot” coaching evaluates weaknesses and strengthens them at the pace of aggressive growth, but never at the expense an individual feeling left behind. There can be no blind spots when a team is working cohesively and toward the same goal.

Now some people might feel like our approach is “intense.” Over time, “intense” is a term that we have come to take great pride in. Intensity at Shockwave Defense™ represents Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, and Persistence. Intensity allows us to combat apathy, mediocrity and indifference. Intensity is the tool we use to drive excellence among our students; a value I know we both share. We’re in the people business too and we look forward to combining forces with your company to improve the quality of life for your employees and the community as a whole. 

Be The Hero Of Your Team.

Our Blindspot Coaching Focuses On 3 Areas To Help You Get The Edge In The Boardroom & The Battlefield:

How does it work?
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Our team is experienced in working with individual executives and teams to create a positive, productive work culture and can help you create an effective mindset of strength and capability of safety that reflects your desires and values. There is no substitute, having a strong, cohesive team is key to success in business and life – let us help you build yours. 

Our Mindset Coaching Focuses On Mainly 3 Areas To Help You Get The Edge In The Boardroom & The Battlefield:
Confidence Ready Mindset: You can’t afford to be unprepared whether in a boardroom or other unknowns. We will show you how to be be confident and ready for anything. 
Vulnerability Assessments: Know your weaknesses and how to protect yourself against them. 
Active Threat Training: We’ll show you how to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for any threat, while equipping you with the tools such as concealed carry licenses for when danger strikes.

The first things we offer is professional and engaging group training seminars to help students bond and interact.

The second powerful tool we offer is our technology that allows for students to learn at their own pace and convenience. 

The third method of powerful impact we offer is a 24/7 support system that helps students with any questions or concerns they may have. This Members Only Area provides exclusive access to information, support, and the community of students and instructors. 

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